Albert Rivera – Saxophonist, Composer, Bandleader, Adjunct Professor (SUNY Purchase) Clinician and Director Of Operations at Litchfield Performing Arts

New for 2022! It’s official, I have joined the amazing faculty at SUNY Purchase Jazz Conservatory. It is my absolute honor to be part of this team. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions and I hope to see you there.

It is my honor to announce I was a recipient of the City Artist Corps Grant. This was made possible through the New York City Artist Corps, New York Foundation of the Arts, and the New York City Cultural Affairs. The show featured Luques Curtis on Bass, Ian Carroll on Drums, Will Evans on Piano, Andrew Hadro on Baritone Sax and spoken word artist and poet Joél Leon. This show was presented for free to the local community at the Bronx Library Center on October 16th, 2021. What an honor!

Upcoming Show Announcements  

  • April 29th – Music Clinic at Coventry High School (Coventry, CT)
  • May 1st – Sunday Jazz Brunch – Email For Details (Greenwich, CT)
  • May 6th – Caili O’ Doherty Quartet – Jazz For Young People (Queens, NY)
  • May 8th – Sunday Jazz Brunch – Email For Details (Greenwich, CT)
  • May 15th – Sunday Jazz Brunch – Email For Details (Greenwich, CT)
  • May 20thPoli Club at the Palace Theater Albert Rivera with the Matt DeChamplain Trio featuring Melinda Rose (Waterbury, CT)
  • May 21st – The Bean Runner, Peekskill, NY Doug Munro and La Pompe Attack
  • May 22nd – Sunday Jazz Brunch – Email For Details (Greenwich, CT)
  • May 28th Pleasantville Farmers Market, Pleasantville, NY Doug Munro and La Pompe Attack
  • May 29th – Sunday Jazz Brunch – Email For Details (Greenwich, CT)
  • June 2 – 4th NAMM – Anahiem, CA
  • June 5th –  Sunday Jazz Brunch – Email For Details (Greenwich, CT)
  • June 9th – TBA (New York, NY)
  • June 12th – Sunday Jazz Brunch – Email For Details (Greenwich, CT)
  • June 13th – M.A.C Music Camp (Litchfield In Miami) (Miami, FL)
  • June 14th –M.A.C Music Camp (Litchfield In Miami) (Miami, FL)
  • June 15th – M.A.C Music Camp (Litchfield In Miami) (Miami, FL)
  • June 16th – M.A.C Music Camp (Litchfield In Miami) (Miami, FL)
  • June 16th – TBA Public Performance TBA  (Miami, FL)
  • June 17th – M.A.C Music Camp (Litchfield In Miami) (Miami, FL)
  • June 19th – Sunday Jazz Brunch – Email For Details (Greenwich, CT)
  • June 26th – Sunday Jazz Brunch – Email For Details (Greenwich, CT)
  • July 3rd – July 29thLitchfield Jazz Camp, Washington, CT
  • July 31st – Albert Rivera Septet – Litchfield Jazz Festival Jazz Brunch, Washington, CT
  • August 1st  –Mohonk Mountain House – New Paltz, NY Doug Munro and La Pompe Attack

For more info regarding Sunday Jazz Brunch in Greenwich, CT – Please email me. Please note, not all shows are listed as some are private events.

Support by Donating. If you would like to sponsor a show or are able to donate to support me you may do so via two online sources. A phone app (Venmo) and via Paypal (Website or App) 

via venmo – @ bronxsax ( via paypal – @ bronxsax (

Future Bookings – 2022/2023 and beyond

If you have events in which you would like music via my Classic Jazz Band, Latin Jazz Band, The Albert Rivera Electric Band and Doug Munro’s La Pompe Attack (Gypsy Jazz) please send an email. Note I am accepting early bookings. At this moment, no deposits will be required to limit issues with possible future cancellations due to Covid19.




I was part of “Where We Live” on NPR hosted by John Dankosky.

It was my an honor to be a part of it, so why not take a listen? Click here


25th Annual Litchfield Jazz Camp (2022)

“I am proud to be the Director of Operations at The Litchfield Jazz Camp. This coming year we are thrilled to present the 26th Annual Litchfield Jazz Camp. LJC has a WORLD CLASS faculty and is located at a beautiful venue! Hosted at the Gunnery (Washington, CT), students have the opportunity to study with some of today’s top jazz musicians. From ensemble coaching to one-on-one private lessons, Litchfield has you covered!”

For more information, visit the Litchfield Jazz Camp website.


2021 City Artist Corps Grant Recipient. This grant is made possible by the NYFA, NYC Cultural Affairs and City Artist Corps. This grant is given to artist throughout New York City to help with the revitalization of the city’s unique and diverse artists! #cityartistcorps


chambermusicamerica2012 Chamber Music America Recipient Albert was named a 2012 Chamber Music America Residency Partnership Program Grantee. This grant is in conjunction with Litchfield Performing Arts and Project Poetry Live! It will give students from across Connecticut the opportunity to work with Albert Rivera and his Organ “Unleashed” ensemble. He will lead a number of performances at local community organizations.


The-ASCAP-Foundation-logoGoing back a many years, The Albert Rivera Quartet was selected to represent the winners of the 2009 ASCAP Young Jazz Composers Award with a performance of “Greenetones” at the annual Jazz Hall Of Fame ceremony. The event took place on June 16th, 2009 in the Allen Room at Lincoln Center. Albert would like to thank ASCAP and all of the incredible supporters of the A.R Quartet.

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