Albert Rivera’s Latin Jazz Band, his classic standards band and his funk electric ensemble are available for the 2020 – 2021 season.

Whether you are a die-hard jazz fan or a festival promoter and producer, Albert Rivera’s ensemble always brings top-notch musicians for the venue and performance.

And if time allows, we’re even great for cocktail hours at weddings! Listen to “Distance Of Your Smile” in the video below for a reference.


The Albert Rivera Quartet has been active for two decades. Based in New York City‚ he is joined by some of the top names in jazz and is heavily based on the musical tradition, Albert writes most of the Quartets music‚ using rhythms and heavy grooves as his base.

Musicians that have collaborated and many that continue to collaborate with Albert include,
Zaccai Curtis – Piano
Luques Curtis – Bass
Jean Caze – Trumpet
Zwelakhe-Duma Bell le Pere – Bass
Nick Roseboro – Trumpet
Mark Whitfield – Guitar
Ralph Peterson Jr – Drums
Beck Burger – Organ
Ian Carroll – Drums
Nate Jolley – Drums
Mike Godette – Guitar
Tony Davis – Guitar
Jon Michel – Bass
Andrew Hadro – Baritone Saxophone
Caili O’Doherty – Piano/Organ
John Iannuzzi – Drums
and many others!