Immersion Lessons

I am excited to announce a new program available for an immediate start.

I know you are thinking to yourself “What is an immersion music lesson? (Yes I am working on a better name)

This is a one of kind experience. Simply put, it is combining everything your child would get going to a music program on the weekend all within 1 lesson (minus ensemble playing). Much like learning a new language or anything new, it is always best to go to the countries (or the source) in which said language is primarily spoken, immersion music lessons use the same concept on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule giving an influx of information in a few hours.

What’s included?

Lesson with piano

Giving a lesson in Miami, FL

Immersion lessons include a one hour 1 on 1 lesson focusing on technique, 45 minutes of music theory & soloing, and 45 minutes to 1 hour of jazz history & music appreciation as well as tips and tricks of how to be ahead of the crowd when it comes to music classes. Whether the student enjoys learning music in school and will have a life long appreciation for the art form, or they are looking to attend a college or university that has a strong music program or one of the top music conservatories in the world. I make a monthly or bi-weekly program specific to the goals of the student. This program allows for a wide range of levels from basic to college level. For those who are just starting up, all that is needed is a working saxophone. Certain lessons that have basic piano involvement, in which no piano is available, I will do my best to bring an electric piano to the lesson.

Immersion Lessons are laid back and last 2-2.5 hours per session (depending on location). Each lesson concludes with goals for the following lesson while considering long term goals of what the student wants to achieve. Having a long-standing professional performing career and extensive teaching for various programs throughout the country, including SUNY Purchase and the Litchfield Jazz Camp, we can have the student making drastic steps forward in musical progression.

Lesson Location: I make life easy for everyone involved. Lessons happen at home to limit the stress of traveling to any offsite building. This allows the student to feel comfortable. I strive for a no-stress environment for the best experience in musical growth. Locations can be anywhere in the New York City area and up to 2 hours of driving in any direction from New York City. Tolls are extra are not included in pricing.

Enjoy the cute picture!

Pricing:  Immersion Lessons are $225 and are paid in advance of the lesson. The schedule is flexible and students can make up lessons that are canceled (for any reason) with less than 24 hours once, every 2 months. Students who sign up for 1 lesson per month for 5 months get 10% off. Students who sign up for 2 lessons per month for 5 months get 15% off the total price (Price paid in advance)

Limited Space: Due to the uniqueness of this program and the limited time available, those who are interested should contact me ASAP at albert@albertriverajazz.com to discuss further.

Interested in Virtual Lessons? – Extremely limited 30/45 minutes are available.  Simply email me for rates with the subject “Private Virtual Lessons” albert@albertriverajazz.com